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RWCC Social and Presentation Evening

This year’s club social and presentation evening will be at Sitwell Park Golf Club, Shrogs Wood Road, Rotherham, S60 4BY on Friday 24 November 2023 from 7:00pm onwards.

Food will be served at 8:00pm and the following menu choices are available:

Steak pie, chips and peas
Fish, chips and peas
Vegetarian option – most likely vegetarian pie, chips and peas

The cost per head will be £14.50.

Members wishing to attend are asked to confirm numbers attending, menu choices and make payment for meals by Sunday 5 November 2023.

Preferred method of payment is by bank transfer to the club account. Payment may also be made by cash or cheque payable to ‘Rotherham Wheelers Cycle Club’ to Dave Buxton 

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Lapel badges for sale

Lapel badges for sale at £15.00 each. The Club is selling the three remaining lapel badges, bearing the insignia of the Rotherham Wheelers Cycling Club and made of metal. The badges are alike, although not identical (the fastenings on the reverse side of the badges are either pin fastenings or ‘button-hole’ fastenings). The precise age of the lapel badges is unknown, although it is estimated that they may originate from as long ago as the 1930s. The Club has been unable to verify the correct age of these items. The lapel badges have not been valued. Anyone wishing to purchase a lapel badge should contact the Club Treasurer. The money will be paid into Club funds.

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Wheelers 10 mile TT (Cuckney)

Many thanks to everyone who helped with our 10 mile TT at Cuckney yesterday. The event went smoothly despite a minor accident involving one rider and everyone involved was a credit to Rotherham Wheelers. Some fast times were recorded, but highlight of the day was 14 year old Lydia Turan knocking 32 seconds off the girl’s junior course record, so well done to her!
The injured rider was taken to hospital in Sutton in Ashfield but was not expected to be detained.
Once again, thank you one and all.

Dave Buxton

And checkout the race report here:

“Mapperley CC veteran Ian Guilor and Rebecca Lineker (South Normanton CC) were quickest male and females on time trial bikes at the Rotherham Wheelers 10-mile event near Cuckney in North Nottinghamshire on Saturday…………..  ”



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Saturday Rides 2020 & 10 mile TT trophy winners

This has been a difficult and unusual year for all types of clubs and their members due to the covid pandemic and Wheelers is no exception. Accordingly, all rides have been adversely affected in terms of numbers for a large part of the year. A total of 22 weeks was affected by lockdown when no club rides took place including Saturday rides. This means that the maximum no of Saturday rides possible was 30.
In all, 29 members took part in the Saturday rides over the year.
There were 12 or more riders out on just 7 occasions (compared with 22 last year) and the most popular ride was on 7 December 2019 when 17 members turned out. Out of the 30 rides possible, there were no weeks where there was no turnout.

The results of this year’s Saturday Rides Trophy are as follows:-
In joint 3rd place – Hilary Dowling and Chris Last – 18 rides
In 2nd place – James Porter – 20 rides
In 1st place with 21 out of 30 rides – Steve Lee



This years 10 mile Time Trial winners are:

Chris Last – 23.14
Paula Fisher – 25.57






The 25 mile, 50 mile, 100 mile and 12 hour trophies will not be awarded this year because of disruption of the time trial programme due to Covid 19.


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Rhine Cycle Ride

Journey along the river Rhine, June and July 2019

The height of the Summer in late June and early July seemed a sensible time of year for a sedate journey along the whole length of the river Rhine. A downhill beginning from the source of the Rhine high up in the Swiss Alps would conclude – after a full two weeks of cycling – with an amble along the sea front at the Hook of Holland, where the river flows out into the North Sea. Plenty of sunshine to look forward to, although mountainous regions are prone to dramatic thunder storms and the seaside .. well, who would dare to predict a weather forecast for the seaside ?

Four intrepid, albeit ageing travellers will journey (in the first place by plane to Zurich) by the comfort of touring bicycles along what is known as EuroVelo 15. This very flat pathway manages to avoid the highways and the motor vehicles and provides a tranquil route alongside one of Europe’s major rivers, a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites (principally, the visually dramatic Rhine gorge) and through six European countries : Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Having reached the source by climbing an Alpine pass, cyclists face very few uphill gradients after that, the final one being in Holland as the route dips a few metres below sea level.

EuroVelo 15 is acknowledged to be a high quality path, available for use by people walking/rambling, on cycles of all shapes and sizes and also by people on horseback. The route has the benefit of many cafés, restaurants and sundry other watering holes, as well as cycle shops providing spares and repairs. The four of us intend making fulsome use of the former, whilst seldom needing the latter. Even the sign posts are […]

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Annual Subscription 2019

At tonight’s Annual General Meeting the club decided almost unanimously to increase the annual subscription to £20 for full membership (£10 for second claim and junior members). This is to ensure that we have sufficient funds for foreseeable expenses this year and can also afford to fund our centenary celebrations next year (2020).

Subscriptions may be paid to Dave Buxton by cash or cheque payable to Rotherham Wheelers Cycling Club or electronically to the club account (details available from Dave Buxton). Club rules require subscriptions to be paid by 31 March, following which date members who have not done so will be regarded as being ‘lapsed’ and you will find me on your case.

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RWCC Trophy Award Winners 2018

Congratulations to this years winner, which is a follows:

The Forces Memorial Trophy (Saturday club run award) – James Porter

The Clarence Leader Memorial Trophy (Road racing competition) – Tim Lees

The A. Thompson Trophy (10 Mile TT event) – Mick Weaver

The William Siddal Memorial Trophy (25 Mile TT event) – Mick Weaver

The Whiston Trophy (Club 50 Mile TT event) – Dave Buxton

John Atkinson Memorial Trophy – Dave Buxton


Note: All trophies to be returned in a polished/clean state around 15 October to give time for engraving. Thank you

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John Atkinson Memorial Trophy

Dear friends,

You should already be aware that the 2018 Rotherham Wheelers Presentation Evening and Christmas Social will be held on Friday 7 December 2018 at the Three Horseshoes Public House, Wickersley.

Amongst the prizes to be awarded that evening is the John Atkinson Memorial Trophy which was commissioned by the club in memory of a much loved and respected member who sadly passed away in tragic circumstances in 2016.

The trophy is awarded annually on the basis of a ballot of members to the member who is ‘considered to have done the most for the club during the previous year’.  

Depicting a road cycle, this unique trophy was crafted in Sterling silver by Steve Viney, and it is hoped that members will see this as both a lasting memorial to John and a means of recognising the efforts of the member who is considered to have done most on behalf of the club”. 

Last year’s recipient was Dave Buxton.

This year’s ballot will be held at the next club General Meeting which commences at 19:00 Tuesday 4 December 2018 at the Three Horseshoes public house, Wickersley.

It is hoped that the trophy will be presented by a member of John’s family at this year’s annual presentation evening.

For the award to have the status which it deserves it is important that ALL members consider making a nomination and that as many members as possible participate in the ballot of members. 

The following methodology will apply:

a)  Members will be permitted to nominate only one person each, who MUST be either a life, honorary, full, junior or 2nd claim member of Rotherham Wheelers Cycling Club.

b)  Nominations may be made at any time from the date of this notice.

c)  Nominations should be made either in person or by email to the club secretary by 24:00 Saturday 1 December 2018.

d)  On Sunday 2 December 2018 the club secretary will circulate a list of names of […]

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LoveVelo Cycling Holidays

We are an official travel partner of British Cycling, the national government body of UK cycling.  Together with British Cycling, we are committed to getting more people on bikes and to spread the love we have for riding. Whether you treat cycling as an activity, pastime, sport or mode of transport, we want you to love cycling as much as we do.

Take a free space on us for all bookings of 8 or more (Please note that this offer can not be combined with any other offer or discount).


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J.E James Cycles Training Events

Hello all, I hope that nobody minds me posting this.
I am James from J.E James Cycles in Rotherham and I have been speaking with a club member in store today who has informed me that some of you my be interested in some support from ourselves in the way of events such as, maintenance courses, Garmin information/how-to sessions etc.
Would anyone be interested in any of the following courses?
(free of charge of course)
Any other ideas would be welcomed- we want to support our local club.
P.S The next drop of Wheelers team kit is due at the end of February, an event around then would tie in nicely.

  • Wheelers basic bike fitting, nutrition and training advice session
  • Wheelers basic maintenance session
  • Wheelers Zwift & Turbo trainer information session
  • Wheelers Garmin Information session (how to use)

You can vote below



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