1. Name.

The name of the group shall be ‘rotherham wheelers cycling club’

2. Objects.

The objects of the group will be:
To promote community participation in healthy recreation through cycling to people living in Rotherham and the surrounding areas (the area of benefit) by the provision of all aspects of competition and social activities so as to improve their quality of life.

3. Powers:

a) To promote or carry out research;

b) To provide advice;

c) To publish or distribute information;

d) To co-operate with other bodies;

e) To raise funds (but not by means of taxable trading);

f) To impose and regularly review the level of an annual membership fee or fees;

g) To hire or acquire property of any kind;

h) To let or dispose of property of any kind;

i) To set aside funds for special purpose or as reserves against future expenditure;

j) To operate a bank or building society account in the name of the club;

k) To insure the property of the club against any foreseeable risk and to take out other insurance policies to protect the club when required;

l) To take out indemnity insurance for the members of the management committee if and when required;

m) To elect sub-committees (whose work must receive the authority of the general committee and who will report back to the general committee before any major decisions are taken).

n) To enter into contracts to provide services to or on behalf of other bodies;

o) To encourage membership of the club without discrimination;

p) To do anything else within the law which promotes or helps to promote the objects.

4. Membership.

a) Membership of the club shall be open to any individual without discrimination who is:

  • Interested in helping the club to achieve its aim
  • Willing to abide by the rules of the club and
  • Willing to pay any subscription if at any time agreed by the management committee.

b) The management committee may decide the classes of membership and make rules for their membership, annual subscriptions, fees, competitions and general membership regulations.

c) Members whose subscriptions are unpaid at the 1st march will be deemed to have resigned from the club.

d) All new members must complete an application form, together with the appropriate subscription fees, and give these to the membership secretary, for consideration at the following management committee meeting. all forms must have a proposer and a seconder.

e) All new members under eighteen years old will only be admitted upon receipt of a parental consent form.

f) Full membership will be restricted to persons over the age of twelve years. associate members under twelve years participating in the club’s activities must be under the control of a parent, guardian or adult relation who must take full responsibility for the actions of the said member.

g) All resignations should be submitted in writing to the membership secretary for consideration at the next management meeting. resignations will become effective from the date of that meeting.

h) Members wishing to re-join after a resignation will be required to complete the normal application form and pay a re-joining fee in addition to the current annual subscription.

i) The membership of any member may be terminated for good reason by the management committee: provided that the member concerned shall have the right to be heard by the management committee, accompanied by a friend, before a final decision is made.

If an intending member has been expelled from a previous club, the circumstances of the dismissal will be examined by the appropriate association to which the club is affiliated. the recommendation of that body will be the basis on which the application is considered.

5. management.

The club will be managed by an executive committee comprising of:

  • a president
  • two vice presidents
  • chairperson
  • captain(s)
  • vice captain(s)
  • treasurer
  • secretaries

a) Nominations for president and vice presidents will take place at the last meeting of the committee prior to the agm. voting will be by show of hands unless the meeting decides that a ballot should be taken. the basis for election to presidency or vice presidency will be outstanding services to the club, or for the pastime, combined with continued activity in club affairs or in the well-being of the pastime.

b) The nominated president or vice president will not be allowed to vote on their own nomination and at the chairpersons discretion may be asked to withdraw from the meeting while such voting takes place.

c) Notwithstanding the provisions in 5a, if a majority of not less than two thirds of such members who are entitled to vote at an agm vote against the nominations by the committee of the president and vice president then the nominations will be void.

d) The club shall be administered by a management committee comprising of the above executive positions and not les than five executive committee members elected at the club’s annual general meeting (a.g.m.).

e) The officers of the management committee shall be: the chairperson, the treasurer and the secretary.

f) Nominations for all executive positions, with the exception of president and vice-presidents, must be submitted to the general secretary by not later than 5th january and shown on the circulated agenda. nominees must declare that if elected, they are able and willing to under-take the work involved. in the event of no nominations being received for any positions the nominations made at the agm for such positions will be valid

g) Two members (one of whom must not hold any office) will be appointed auditors at the agm.

h) The management committee may co-opt onto the committee, up to three individuals, in an advisory and non-voting capacity that it feels will help to fulfill the aim of the group.

i) The management committee shall meet at least two times a year.

j) At least five management committee members must be present for a management committee meeting to take place.

k) Voting at management committee meetings shall be by a show of hands. if there is a tied vote then the chairperson shall have a second vote.

l) A report of all official events and functions will be submitted by the responsible official at the first management meeting after an event.

m) The management committee shall have the power to remove any member of the committee for good and proper reason.

n) Any member of the management committee who fails to attend three consecutive meetings without giving a satisfactory reason may be expelled from the committee.

o) Associate members and officials from any other club (other than affiliated bodies etc.) will not be allowed to hold any office in the club.

p) The management committee may appoint any other member of the group as a committee member to fill a vacancy, provided that the maximum prescribed is not exceeded.

6. The duties of the officers.

a) the duties of the chairperson shall be to:

  • Chair meetings of the committee and the club
  • Represent the club at functions/meetings that the club has been invited to and
  • Act as the spokesperson of the club when necessary.

b) the duties of the secretaries shall be to:

  • Keep a membership list
  • Prepare in consultation with the chairperson the agendas for meetings of the committee and the club
  • Take and keep minutes of all meetings and
  • Collect and circulate any relevant information within the club.

c) the duties of the treasurer shall be to:

  • Supervise the financial affairs of the club and
  • Keep proper accounts that show all monies received and paid out by the club.

7. finance.

a) All monies received by or on behalf of the club shall be applied to further the aim of the club and for no other purpose.

b) Any bank accounts opened for the club shall be in the name of the club.

c) Any cheques issued shall be signed by the treasurer and one from two other nominated members of the management committee.

d) The club shall ensure that its accounts are audited or independently examined every year.

e) The club may pay reasonable out of pocket expenses including travel, childcare and meal costs to members or management committee members.

8. Annual general meeting.

a) The club shall hold an annual general meeting (a.g.m.) not later than the 31st january.

b) All members shall be given at least twenty one days notice of the a.g.m. and shall be entitled to attend and vote.

c) The business of the a.g.m. shall include:

  • Receiving a report from the chairperson on the club’s activities over the year
  • Receiving a report from the treasurer on the finances of the club
  • Electing a new management committee and
  • Considering any other matter as may be decided.

d) At least five or 10%, whichever is the greater, members must be present for the annual general meeting and any other general meeting to take place.

9. General meetings.

a) There shall be at least 2 general meetings (excluding the a.g.m) each year.

b) All members shall be entitled to attend and vote.

c) The general secretary will give no less than five days notice of any general meeting, notification of any proposed alterations to the rules and an agenda of the general meeting to all members. the general secretary will also issue a balance sheet to all members either prior to the meeting or at the meeting.

10. special general meeting.

A special general meeting may be called by the management committee or six full members to discuss an urgent matter. the secretary shall give all members twenty one days notice of any special general meeting together with notice of the business to be discussed.

11. alterations to the constitution.

Any changes to this constitution must be agreed by at least two-thirds of those members present and voting at any general meeting. notice of the proposed changes should be sent to the general secretary no later than fourteen days before the meeting.

12. dissolution.

The group may be wound up at any time if agreed by two-thirds of those members present and voting at any general meeting. in the event of winding up any assets remaining after all debts have been paid shall be given to another group with a similar aim.

13. adoption of the constitution.