Hello all, I hope that nobody minds me posting this.
I am James from J.E James Cycles in Rotherham and I have been speaking with a club member in store today who has informed me that some of you my be interested in some support from ourselves in the way of events such as, maintenance courses, Garmin information/how-to sessions etc.
Would anyone be interested in any of the following courses?
(free of charge of course)
Any other ideas would be welcomed- we want to support our local club.
P.S The next drop of Wheelers team kit is due at the end of February, an event around then would tie in nicely.

  • Wheelers basic bike fitting, nutrition and training advice session
  • Wheelers basic maintenance session
  • Wheelers Zwift & Turbo trainer information session
  • Wheelers Garmin Information session (how to use)

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