Annual Subscription 2019

At tonight’s Annual General Meeting the club decided almost unanimously to increase the annual subscription to £20 for full membership (£10 for second claim and junior members). This is to ensure that we have sufficient funds for foreseeable expenses this year and can also afford to fund our centenary celebrations next year (2020).

Subscriptions may be paid to Dave Buxton by cash or cheque payable to Rotherham Wheelers Cycling Club or electronically to the club account (details available from Dave Buxton). Club rules require subscriptions to be paid by 31 March, following which date members who have not done so will be regarded as being ‘lapsed’ and you will find me on your case.

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Cancellation – time trial Sunday 4 September 2016

Due to insufficient interest it has been necessary to cancel the club time trial which was planned for Sunday 4 September 2016.   Sadly, on this occasion the small number of riders wishing to take part and a shortage of officials meant that the event was not viable.

Many thanks to those of you who expressed an interest in either riding or helping out with the event.

Kind Regards

Dave Buxton

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Wheelers Annual Subscriptions

Wheelers Annual Subscriptions

We’re now almost at the end of the first week in April and I’m happy to say that most members, new and old alike paid their annual club subscriptions weeks ago.  Inevitably there are a few who have yet to do so.

I appreciate that there may be some people who have not been able to attend club rides or meetings and have therefore simply not seen me to pay their subs.  There may be others who have decided not to renew their membership.

Club rules stipulate that any member who has not paid their subscriptions by 1 March will be deemed to have resigned from the club.  As club treasurer my predecessor Dave Parsons always took a flexible approach to enforcement of this rule and I will continue to follow his common sense example.

I intend to allow the few members who have yet to pay their subscriptions until 30 April to do so.  At the next club meeting following that date I will propose that any non-payers will be formally regarded as having resigned and that their names will be removed from our list of members and email distribution list.

May I also remind you that members who have not renewed their membership can not represent Rotherham Wheelers in events.



Kind Regards

Dave Buxton

Treasurer / Membership Secretary

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