I have been given a number of complimentary 5 day passes for Rotherham Leisure Complex.  When activated the passes allow unlimited use of the facilities at RLC including the pool and state of the art spinning suite.  The spinning suite is is a first class facility with 20 spinning bikes and 10 brand new Watt bikes.

Management at RLC are keen to forge a partnership with RWCC by providing individually tailored training plans and training sessions for our members which would be of particular value in maintaining fitness through the winter months, developing endurance and raising  power output.

RLC have offered to host one or more Watt bike ‘taster’ sessions for our members with a view to then delivering a  bespoke training course.  Taster sessions and training courses would be held to suit member’s availability – daytime, evening or both.

  1. Anyone wanting a complimentary RLC 5 day pass, please let me know.
  2. Members wishing to attend a Watt bike taster session please let me know and I will arrange.