John was a much loved and respected Rotherham Wheelers member for many years and sadly passed away in tragic circumstances last year. Several months ago it was suggested that the club should institute a trophy, to be awarded annually on the basis of a ballot of members to the member who is considered to have done the most for the club during the previous year.

The ballot will be held at the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 31 January 2017 commencing at 18:30, details of which have been previously circulated.

It is hoped that the trophy will be presented by a member of John’s family at the annual presentation evening which this year will be at the Carlton Park Hotel, Moorgate Road, Rotherham on Friday 10 February 2017.

Our fellow member Steve Viney has crafted a unique trophy and it is hoped that members will see this as both a lasting memorial to John and a means of recognising the efforts of the member “who is considered to have done most on behalf of the club”.

For the award to have the status which it deserves it is important that ALL members consider making a nomination and that as many members as possible participate in the ballot of members.

The following methodology will apply:

a) Members will be permitted to nominate only one person each, who MUST be either a life, honorary, full, junior or 2nd claim member of Rotherham Wheelers Cycling Club.
b) Nominations should be made either in person or by email to the club secretary by 24:00 Saturday 28 January 2017.
c) On Sunday 29 January 2017 the club secretary will circulate a list of names of nominees to the membership and will prepare ballot papers showing the names of all nominees.
d) The award will be made on the basis of a ballot of members cast at the AGM and the result will be announced at the presentation evening on Friday 10 February 2017.
e) Members unable to attend the AGM may cast a proxy vote by notifying the club secretary BY EMAIL of their preferred nominee following circulation of the list of nominees on Sunday 29 January 2017 and must do so prior to 17:00 Tuesday 31 January 2017.
f) Proxy votes received after 17:00 Tuesday 31 January 2017 will not be counted.