For the past two years we’ve all been waiting for 29 March and wondering whether or not we will crash out of the EU without an agreement which may be why some members have forgotten that another deadline is fast approaching. I’m talking of course about the 31 March deadline for payment of subscriptions.

A massive thank you to the 80% of members who have already renewed their subscriptions and a (further) reminder to the few who haven’t yet done so already that club rules stipulate that membership of individuals who have not paid their subscriptions by 31 March will be regarded as lapsed.

Not only are Rotherham Wheelers keen to recruit new members, we also value and are keen to retain existing members. Even if they are unable to ride with us very often, members, new and old will always be made welcome.

If you are an existing member and wish to renew your membership please do so now.

If you have online banking you may pay by BACS to the club account or if you prefer you may pay me by cash or cheque (payable to Rotherham Wheelers CC).

In addition to this post this information I have made a similar post on Facebook and I will write individually to the members concerned.